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Rebalance Your Health Torrance CA

By Andrew Collins

Staying healthy is not always a priority for younger people. However, as we age, we all want to regain what improper diet, stressful living, and the passage of years have taken away. If you want to rebalance your health Torrance CA, you will find a lot of help. There are many holistic doctors and clinics in the area, as well as a lot of health advice and counseling that can be accessed online.

Achieving balance is not a new concept when it comes to health and well-being. Ancient Chinese medicine was based on the idea that Yin must compliment Yang; too much dominance of one causes problems. Ayurvedic medicine uses one herb to buffer another; herbs are seldom if ever used alone. Western medicine seeks to balance hormones and the diet, and advocates a sensible lifestyle with time for both activity and rest.

A balanced lifestyle of good food (healthy fat, adequate protein for growth and tissue repair, just enough carbohydrate for energy), lots of clean water, and vigorous physical activity to promote the circulation of blood and lymph is said to be the foundation of well-being. Too much of anything - sugar, fat, stress, sitting, screen time - is harmful. As we age, these negative factors begin to undermine what we once took for granted.

In order to regain what has been lost, you need a comprehensive picture of where you are today. It's helpful to get a complete diagnosis from a doctor or a health clinic. A review can establish a starting point, pinpoint what needs to be addressed, and set goals for change and improvement.

You can do it alone, of course. You can research your ideal weight, what experts say is a good diet, and what exercise program is most beneficial for your age and abilities. You know if you sleep poorly, suffer from food cravings that cause you to eat even when you're not hungry, or hurt when you move. You can change your eating habits, join a gym or a walking group, take supplements, and cut out junk food.

Perhaps you've been there, done that. Getting professional help can help you design a program that is both possible and effective. A coach can keep you focused on exercise. A specialized eating plan will make shopping and meal times easier. The right machines might increase the effects of exercise, relieve stress, or make eating vegetables you're not crazy about more palatable.

There are many resources to be found by an online search. No one program will fit every person, so find a way to get help designed specifically for you and the life you lead. As you search the web, make a list of questions you have and things you want. A list of your personal goals will help, too. Then talk to the staff at clinics or the customer service for a website you find intriguing.

Fortunately, the human body is designed to be balanced. It can recover from years of bad decisions in diet and lifestyle. You don't have to hurt, be depressed, never get a good night's sleep, or weigh too much. Look for the balance and take your life back.

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