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An Effective Way To Get The Best Sun Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Sun creams and sun lotions have proven to be a great way of protecting the skin against the sun when going outdoors to get the best sun tan. Unfortunately, skin cancer is still as rampant as it was a few years ago. As a matter of fact, skin cancer and other diseases of the skin are at a record high today more than ever before. This begs the question as to what the problem could be for all those people looking for the best sun tan.

One guaranteed way of ensuring consumers get the best sun tan is to invest in the best sun creams and sun lotions. People can only get the best sun tan when they have their skins protected against the UVA and UVB sun rays. Creams and lotions are very important since each has its role to play. For instance, sun lotions are mostly meant to offer protection against UVB rays.

Most people get sunburns in the name of getting the best sun tan because they did not protect against these UVB rays. While at it, people should also ensure they invest in good quality creams for protection against skin cancer. The good news is that there is enough information on the internet on how to get the best sun tan and protect against harmful UVs based on different skin types.

The second mistake most people make when looking to get the best sun tan is not using a sufficient amount of SPF coverage. No doubt the higher the Sun Protection Factor the better, but you have to ensure you use enough amounts of the sun cream in order to get the rated Sun Protection Factor benefit.

Most people will always get a product with say an SPF of 45, and end up using only a quarter of the recommended amount just so they can save and scale the product. In simple interpretation, when consumers use a quarter of the recommended amount, they should be ready to get a quarter of the SPF rated protection. No doubt getting the best sun tan will equally be compromised.

The application of the best sun tan cream or lotion also plays an integral role in determining how even and consistent the best sun tan results would be. Consumers should massage thoroughly and evenly, and apply at least an hour before heading outdoors, and sometimes even 2 hours prior to, in case one will be going into the waters.

After the first and second application, you can then reapply at 2 hour intervals to ensure you get the best sun tan. Some people complain that it is so much trouble, but when you want to have the best sun tan with no streaks and blotches, and when you consider the kind of protection your skin will be getting, no doubt it is such a small price to pay.

An additional tip when you want to get the best sun tan is to choose the perfect timing to bask under the sun. You should avoid sun bathing when the sun is burning the hottest, generally between 12 and 2pm. The intensity of the sun is always very strong at this point of the day that it can damage your skin. If you must be out in the sun during these hours, you should put on protective clothing or remain in shaded areas.

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